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What Care Does My Car Require After It Has Been Ceramic Coated?

A properly applied coating of Armor Shield IX should protect most surfaces for 2–5 years. However, the key to this longevity relies heavily upon routine maintenance. To ensure that you get the best return on your investment, follow the following gene

How Long Does Armor Shield IX Last?

Generally speaking, a well-maintained layer of Armor Shield IX should retain its hydrophobic properties for at least 2–years, with 5–years being its maximum life expectancy. Naturally, longevity relies upon a plethora of factors, with the following o

Can I Wax a Ceramic Coated Vehicle or Use a Wax Topper?

Automotive waxes are paint protection products that are designed to be applied to clear coats, NOT ceramic coatings. Since Armor Shield IX bonds with a car's clear coat, glass, plastic, and various other hard surfaces, it, therefore, renders any prot

Do I Have to Reapply a Ceramic Coating After Every Car Wash?

Armor Shield IX does not need to be reapplied after every car wash. When a vehicle is correctly prepped and the nano ceramic coating is properly applied and maintained, an average of 2–5 years of product longevity should be obtainable. In order to he