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Can I Wax a Ceramic Coated Vehicle or Use a Wax Topper?Updated a year ago

Automotive waxes are paint protection products that are designed to be applied to clear coats, NOT ceramic coatings. Since Armor Shield IX bonds with a car's clear coat, glass, plastic, and various other hard surfaces, it, therefore, renders any protective products applied to it completely useless. A SiO2-based booster or Ceramic Topper can be used instead!

Waxes (both natural and synthetic) have also been known to hinder the hydrophobic nature of ceramic coatings, causing them to collect dirt and debris at a far more rapid rate, and forcing them to retain water for longer. There's also the issue of removing car wax, which typically involves using chemical compounds, clay decontamination media, and/or polishing tools, which may harm the integrity of the ceramic coating.

Still not convinced? Our blog article on wax and ceramic coatings should help shine a bit more light on the subject.

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