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How Long Does Armor Shield IX Last?Updated 10 months ago

Generally speaking, a well-maintained layer of Armor Shield IX should retain its hydrophobic properties for at least 2–years, with 5–years being its maximum life expectancy.

Naturally, longevity relies upon a plethora of factors, with the following outside influences being the most prevalent:

  • Prep Work: If the ceramic coating is applied to a dirty surface or one that is not completely free of microscopic debris, it may fail prematurely. So take the time and scrub the surface you wish to coat with a ceramic prep car shampoo and follow it up with an isopropyl alcohol wipe-down.
  • Using Aftercare Products With Extreme pH Levels: Ceramic coatings cure exceptionally hard. But one thing that may impact their longevity is the use of pH-intense car shampoos and chemical-rich booster sprays. A good rule of wrenching is always to avoid products that boast accelerated drying times, as they likely contain alcohol, and remain wary of degreasing agents with a pH of 9 or above.
  • Auto Car Washes: This one needs no explanation. Just don’t do it.
  • Using Wax-Free, pH-Neutral Car Shampoo: For daily driven vehicles that have been ceramic coated, a hand wash every two weeks is highly recommended. Using a pH-neutral car shampoo that is devoid of waxes and sealants will not only prolong the life of the ceramic coating but enhance its shine as well. 

So make sure you choose the right maintenance shampoo and hit us up if you have any questions.

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