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What Care Does My Car Require After It Has Been Ceramic Coated?Updated 10 months ago

A properly applied coating of Armor Shield IX should protect most surfaces for 2–5 years. However, the key to this longevity relies heavily upon routine maintenance. To ensure that you get the best return on your investment, follow the following general maintenance guidelines.

Rule 1: Hand Wash Every Two Weeks

The first step in maintaining a nano-ceramic coating is establishing a consistent car wash routine. This begins with using the two-bucket method of hand car washing and then continuing to do so every other week to keep dirt, debris, road grime, and organic contaminants from building up on your automobile's exterior.

Rule 2: Use the Right Supplies

Mandatory ceramic coating cleaning supplies:

Optional yet super useful supplies include:

  • A foam gun or foam cannon
  • Extendable wash mitt pole
  • Microfiber drying towels
  • Pressure washer
  • Electric leaf blower
  • Cooler of beer

Rule 3 – Use the Two-Bucket Washing Method

The two-bucket method relies upon a duo of wash buckets, with the first being filled with a ceramic coating approved car shampoo that’s been blended with water. The second bucket should only contain clean water. 

Prior to washing each body panel, use the shampoo bucket to soak your microfiber wash mitt. Then, scrub the vehicle from top to bottom, avoiding circular motions to cut down on swirl marks and regularly rinsing each panel with the hose to ensure that the shampoo does not dry on the surface.

In order to reduce cross-contamination, rinse the wash mitt in the freshwater bucket before dunking it in the one filled with sudsy car shampoo. Repeat this process until all sections of the vehicle have been scrubbed and rinsed, at which point you can dry the vehicle. For fast drying, we suggest using an ultra-absorbent microfiber towel or an electric leaf blower.

Some extra tips for maintaining a ceramic coating include:

  • Always wash a vehicle in the shade, and NEVER apply car shampoo to a hot surface.
  • Scrub your vehicle's wheels and tires first, as they tend to be the most filthy. If possible, buy a separate set of cleaning chemicals and supplies just for wheels and tires.
  • Routine application of a high-end booster/topper will help rejuvenate the ceramic coating and add additional shine.   

For more info on how to maintain Armor Shield IX, head on over to our blog, where we discuss the significance of routine ceramic coating care and all sorts of other DIY-oriented detailing topics.

Looking to learn more about the rock-hard world of nano ceramic coatings, as well as DIY car detailing tips, automotive quick fixes, and various other forms of nerdy garage information? Head on over to the AvalonKing blog, where you will find a deluge of useful automotive advice.

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