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How many kits do I need?

You can check how many kits you require directly from the product page, but our suggestion based on vehicle type is as follows:. Motorcycle. single coat - 1 kit. double coat - 1 kit. Small Car. single coat - 1 kit. double coat - 2 kits. Sedan/Pickup.

What Sort of Protection Does Armor Shield IX Offer?

Armor Shield IX is a 9H-rated nano ceramic coating that utilizes nanoparticles to penetrate microscopic imperfections on hard surfaces. As the coating fills all of those undetectable pockets, pores, peaks, and valleys and begins to harden, it forms a

What is the Shelf Life of Armor Shield IX?

If unopened and stored in a cool, dry place, Armor Shield IX has a shelf life of 2–years. Just keep it away from extreme cold (no refrigerating or freezing, please) and avoid direct sunlight and high temps. However, once opened, the formulation will

How Hard is a 9H-Rated Ceramic Coating?

A “9H” rating refers to the hardness level of a fully cured ceramic coating, a vital tolerance threshold when determining a product’s scratch resistance and projected longevity. Industry standards require ceramic coatings to be graded on a graphite h

Can Armor Shield IX Protect Against Stone Chips?

The short answer? No. It really depends upon a list of factors, like stone size, speed, hardness level, trajectory, and if the rock in question comes loaded with Krypton. Even a 9H-rated ceramic coating product like Armor Shield IX cannot protect a c

Does Armor Shield IX Hide Swirl Marks and Scratches?

One of the many myths “swirling around” is that ceramic coatings do an excellent job of hiding existing swirl marks and scratches. Like your weird uncle's hair, this, too, is completely fake. A ceramic coating amplifies the condition of whatever surf

Is Armor Shield IX Designed For Certain Car Colors?

Nope. Armor Shield IX is completely transparent, so it can be used on any color of vehicle, including matte vinyl wrap jobs. Just know that whatever color the vehicle may be, a nano-ceramic coating will magnify the surface it is applied to, so make s