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How Hard is a 9H-Rated Ceramic Coating?Updated 10 months ago

A “9H” rating refers to the hardness level of a fully cured ceramic coating, a vital tolerance threshold when determining a product’s scratch resistance and projected longevity.

Industry standards require ceramic coatings to be graded on a graphite hardness scale, just like pencils. Armor Shield IX utilizes a formula that, once properly cured, comes in at a 9H on the hardness scale, which is the highest possible scratch resistance rating offered in the nano ceramic coating industry.

In order to evaluate the scratch resistance level of a ceramic coating, pencils with strength densities ranging from H (softest) to 9H (hardest) are used on a coated surface. While applying carefully calculated amounts of even pressure, lines are mechanically drawn on the ceramic coating until a scratch is detected and a hardness resistance is determined.

So if you are shopping around, beware of nano-ceramic coatings claiming to have anything above a 9H hardness rating, for no such product exists.

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