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What Sort of Protection Does Armor Shield IX Offer?Updated a year ago

Armor Shield IX is a 9H-rated nano ceramic coating that utilizes nanoparticles to penetrate microscopic imperfections on hard surfaces. As the coating fills all of those undetectable pockets, pores, peaks, and valleys and begins to harden, it forms an extremely slick layer of transparent quartz that is incredibly hard.

9H Hardness Levels Explained

Ceramic coating hardness levels play an important role in determining the product’s resistance to scratches. The best way of evaluating a product's scratch resistance levels is with the grading pencil test, which utilizes a kit of pencils with assorted grades of strength. 

Starting with H (the softest) and then gradually proceeding all the way to 9H (the hardest), scientists are able to determine what grade of the pencil will make lines in the ceramic coating. Armor Shield IX’s formula features a 9H hardness scale rating, which is the highest possible scratch resistance rating currently offered in the nano ceramic coating market.

Self-Cleaning  Hydrophobic Properties

Armor Shield IX's nano-ceramic technology mimics nature’s “Lotus Effect,” a phenomenon that can be first discovered in the self-cleaning leaves of the lotus flower.

In a surface protectant, this translates to the repelling of rain, dirt, road grime, pollen, bird crap, bug guts, tree sap, and a slew of other unpleasant substances. This not only makes the cleaning of the ceramic-coated surface extremely easy, but it also helps keep said surface cleaner for longer.

That said, we still recommend hand washing your ride every two weeks, and our Ceramic Maintenance Shampoo is perfect for this task. This pH-neutral, wax-free car shampoo has been specially formulated for nano ceramic coatings, making it the ultimate cleaning option for AvalonKing-coated cars.

Anti-UV Protection

Armor Shield IX is like an ultra-high SPF sunscreen for your automobile. A product that simultaneously deflects UV radiation while fighting paint fade and oxidation. Not familiar with UV radiation damage? Here's a quick rundown of the dangers associated with this solar affliction.

Ultra-violet radiation has the ability to penetrate and damage a car’s clear coat, especially when it has not been well maintained. When UV light breaks through the protective layers of an automotive clear coat, it causes fading and stimulates oxidation, which on a metal surface can eventually evolve into corrosion and rust.

Anti-Calcium Protection

Hard water spots form when water that is rich in calcium and other naturally occurring minerals dries on a surface. Armor Shield IX helps repel these minerals, thus making water spots easier to remove.

3D Deep Gloss Shine

Once allowed to fully cure, Armor Shield IX creates a 3D structure that is not only super resilient but it also encourages a rich, ultra-glossy shine. This is made possible by all of those condensed nanoparticles, which, thanks to their superior cross-linking capabilities, enhance the visible depth of whatever material is being coated.

Looking to learn more about the rock-hard world of nano ceramic coatings, as well as DIY car detailing tips, automotive quick fixes, and various other forms of nerdy garage information? Head on over to the AvalonKing blog, where you will find a deluge of useful automotive advice.

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