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How Do I Prep a Car for Ceramic Coat?

Armor Shield IX is engineered to bond directly to the surface of any material that is porous in nature and solid. This means you can apply it to body panels, windows, glass, wheels, plastic trim, chrome, carbon fiber, fiberglass, vinyl wraps, paint p

Does a New Vehicle Require Prep Work?

If you have a machine that’s just been unloaded from a semi, paint damage, swirl marks, and scratches are probably non-existent, for new vehicles typically arrive at dealerships wrapped in protective vinyl. However, once that vinyl comes off, even ne

Do I Need to Polish My Car Prior to Applying Armor Shield IX?

The act of polishing is the process of removing surface blemishes from an automobile's exterior. Microscopic imperfections, such as surface scratches and swirl marks, as well as clear coat damage from things like oxidation, acid rain, and UV rays, sh