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Do I Need to Polish My Car Prior to Applying Armor Shield IX?Updated a year ago

The act of polishing is the process of removing surface blemishes from an automobile's exterior. Microscopic imperfections, such as surface scratches and swirl marks, as well as clear coat damage from things like oxidation, acid rain, and UV rays, should all be corrected prior to installing a nano-ceramic coating. 

Ceramic coatings are intended to enhance the appearance of the surfaces they shield, so it is highly recommended that you get your vehicle's exterior looking as close to flawless as possible prior to installation day.

That said, if you plan on polishing your vehicle yourself, make sure to do so progressively, using mild to medium-grade rubbing compounds, along with a series of high-quality buffing pads.

Once you’ve completed this process, rinse and dry the vehicle, and then spray and wipe the vehicle down with a balanced IPA surface prep solution. This will remove any lingering polishing compound or debris and leave behind a surface that is ready for ceramic coating. 

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