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What Are Your Shipping Costs And Delivery Times?Updated a month ago

Shipping costs are calculated based upon the shipping location, shipping method, and the value of your order. This will be stated at checkout.

Estimated delivery times via Standard Shipping are as follows:

  • Orders placed within the Continental United States are fulfilled through either our Midwest, Southwest or West Coast facilities, with expected delivery being within 3-7 business days.
  • Canadian orders are fulfilled via our Ontario facility, with expected delivery being 2-7 business days.
  • Europe and the UK rely upon our Amsterdam facility for fulfilment, and expected delivery times range from 5–10 business days.  
  • Our friends down under, in Australia and New Zealand, receive shipments courtesy of our Victoria facility, with expected delivery falling within the 1–10 business day range.
  • Customers in Hawaii and Alaska should enjoy their majestic natural surroundings, and expect to receive their products within 10-15 business days.
  • As for all international orders, delivery dates tend to range from 7-30 business days. Naturally, this depends heavily upon the country of receipt, where unavoidable customs delays and inspection agents with tight rubber gloves wait with bated breath. So please check with your customs department in the country of your residence for full disclosures and restrictions prior to purchase.

Note that these estimates do not include order processing times or potential customs delays, and that they may be subject to fluctuation throughout the year.

We are currently unable to process orders for Mexico, Mauritius, South Africa, and Uranus.

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