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Shipping And HandlingUpdated 3 months ago

AvalonKing's current roster of Shipping Carriers includes:


  • Orders are shipped with FedEx or OSM and handed over to your local shipping carrier (i.e., USPS) for final delivery.

  • International shipments and the Rest Of the World are fulfilled from the USA and shipped with FedEx - once your parcel clears customs, it will be delivered to your door.


Please note that more detailed tracking information can often be found by tracking your parcel on the website of your local shipping carrier.

For any expedited shipments via FedEx, know that FedEx will be handling your parcel from door to door.

Now as for International Duties and Customs Fees...

International orders are shipped with Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) if supported in your country. In this case you will have no additional charges upon receipt. Where not supported, you may be charged additional duties and customs fees upon receipt. We have no control over if or how much you will be charged for these fees; therefore AvalonKing will not accept responsibility for any additional charges the destination country may impose. 


That being said, you will likely be directly contacted by either FedEx or your local shipping carrier if there are any duties or fees that require payment. However, we advise that, upon ordering, you follow the tracking information closely, just in case there are any updates regarding customs clearance.


*Estimated delivery times:


Bahrain (+/- 8-15 working days)

Bangladesh (+/- 8-15 working days)

India (+/- 8-15 working days)

Jordan (+/- 8-13 working days)

Kuwait (+/- 8-15 working days)

Pakistan (+/- 10-19 working days)

Qatar (+/- 8-15 working days)
Saudi Arabia (+/- 8-15 working days)
United Arab Emirates (+/- 8-15 working days)

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