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How do I Reapply a Ceramic Coating?Updated 10 months ago

Eventually, even the best ceramic coating product will begin to wear thin, with high-quality DIY nano ceramic coatings, like Armor Shield IX, lasting anywhere from 25 years on average.

While the reapplication of the ceramic coating itself is the exact same as a fresh install, there may be some additional prep steps you must consider. In order to reapply a nano-ceramic coating, you'll first need to use one of the two approaches below to remove the old coating.

Remember, you should NEVER apply a fresh ceramic coating on top of an old ceramic coating or an inferior surface protectant product, like car wax or paint sealant. Your finish will look awful and fail to perform at its maximum potential.  

Strip the Surface With Clay and Shampoo

The key to a perfect nano ceramic re-coating is to take your time and strip away the aging protectant you wish to replace. Those looking for a more subtle approach will find that the prep shampoo and clay decontamination method below is a great place to start.

  • Begin by using a high-pH automotive shampoo to remove contaminants and loosen any stubborn road grime or organic matter that might require further attention.
  • Shampooing complete, start scrubbing every exposed centimeter of surface area with a clay mitt, clay towel, or clay bar, along with a hefty amount of clay lube.
  • Finish the process by rinsing and then wiping down all surfaces with an IPA prep spray and a clean microfiber towel.
  • Apply Armor Shield IX as directed.

Break Out the Polishing Compound and Buffing Wheel

The second ceramic coating and surface protectant removal technique requires the polishing of the surface with a cutting/polishing compound and a buffing wheel. 

If you are intimidated by this method and fear that you may damage your vehicle’s clear coat in the process, spend the dough, and reach out to a pro for assistance. However, if you are familiar with automotive polishing tools and paint correction and have access to this equipment, this route will produce the fastest results and make the ceramic coating reapplication all the smoother.

Check out our blog article focusing on prepping for a ceramic coating install (or reinstall), as it will provide you with everything you need to know about this vital preparation phase.

Looking to learn more about the rock-hard world of nano ceramic coatings, as well as DIY car detailing tips, automotive quick fixes, and various other forms of nerdy garage information? Head on over to the AvalonKing blog, where you will find a deluge of useful automotive advice.


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