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Can I Drive My Car While a Ceramic Coat is Drying?Updated a year ago

While drying time only takes about 5–minutes, Armor Shield IX requires a full 48–hours of cure time before it is deemed safe for outdoor usage. While some people claim that it is fine to drive a vehicle while its ceramic coat is curing, there’s a lot of risk that comes with this decision. 

If you absolutely HAVE to drive while Armor Shield IX is curing, head out during the day, and be home before the sun goes down. High humidity during the cooler hours of the night can compromise the integrity of a ceramic coating, as even the slightest contact with water can cause a non-cured ceramic coating to fail. 

And while parking a car in the sun will help expedite the curing process, the risk of wind-blown debris, bird droppings, and pop-up showers make it a risky endeavor as well. So if possible, keep the vehicle in a garage for a full 48–hours before hitting the highway. 

If indoor storage is not an option, check out our blog article on garage alternatives for a few creative ideas.

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