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Can I Apply Ceramic Coating on Plastic Trim?Updated 8 months ago

Indubitably! Applying a ceramic coating to plastic trim is a great way to restore faded plastic trim pieces and unpainted fender flares to showroom condition. In fact, you can apply Armor Shield IX to any surface that is porous and solid, including those covered in vinyl wrap or paint protection film. 

The process of applying Armor Shield IX to plastic trim requires the same procedures as any other surface area. Just be sure to properly prep it by first washing the vehicle with a high quality automotive prep shampoo, followed by an isopropyl alcohol (IPA) wipe-down just prior to your Armor Shield IX installation.

Apply the ceramic coating as directed, wait 15 minutes, and when you see a haze begin to form on the plastic component, wipe the it away with the supplied microfiber buffing towel.

If any of this sounds confusing, feel free to read our in-depth how-to features on blending and using IPA spray, and proper plastic ceramic coating care.

Looking to learn more about the rock-hard world of nano ceramic coatings, as well as DIY car detailing tips, automotive quick fixes, and various other forms of nerdy garage information? Head on over to the AvalonKing blog, where you will find a deluge of useful automotive advice.

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