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Can I Apply Armor Shield IX on Windows and Glass?Updated 8 months ago

Last we checked, automotive glass was still solid, so damn right you can protect it with Armor Shield IX. Mirrors, windows, windshields, headlights and more can all be ceramic coated. 

The key to a successful ceramic coating application on a glass surface is having the proper prep work in place, with the following four-steps being the core procedures.

  1. Wash your glass with an alkaline-rich automotive prep shampoo. A pH of 910 is best, as it will help cut through any old protectants or road gunk stuck on the surface.
  2. Use a clay decontamination product with a good lubricant. After washing the glass, clay the surface with plenty of lubricant, in order to remove any stubborn surface debris. Rinse with fresh water and rewash the glass with your preferred automotive car shampoo before towel drying the vehicle.
  3. Use an isopropyl alcohol (IPA) surface prep spray prior to application. Diluting isopropyl alcohol in distilled water, and then spraying it on the glass will remove any invisible debris that may still be on the surface. Once sprayed, wipe the glass clean with a fresh microfiber cloth.
  4. Apply Armor Shield IX as recommended. Always follow the directions on the box, and remember to wait 15 minutes before buffing away any excess coating. The new ultra-plush microfiber buffing cloths from AvalonKing tend to provide the best results.

You can find an article that goes into the details of ceramic coating glass surfaces, here.

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